NERVA Championship Assignments

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May 012017

Hello New England!

As another successful season comes to a close we wish everyone good luck at next Sunday’s championship series.  The location assignments can be found here.  


Over the season NERVA has facilitated competition for  570 teams in 75 different facilities.  Essentially that amounts to 375 tournaments held this season.  THAT’S A LOT OF VOLLEYBALL!!!  Congratulations to all NERVA members for a great season!!  The only way this is accomplished is by the cooperative effort of all 74 clubs in our region and the camaraderie and sportsmanship offered by all 11,444 members!  We would be remiss not to mention family and friends of all of these members who come and support the players and coaches…  We estimate that this number totals well over 20,000 making our volleyball population in New England a whopping estimate of 31,444!!  

See all 30 thousand plus next year!

Team New England

NERVA III Schedule & Assignments

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Apr 022017

Hello New England,

The NERVA III Schedule is posted here.  Please remember this IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS, PLAYERS AND COACHES: The schedule, and any changes, should come directly from your club director or coach as they will have any last minute changes and details about formats, locations and facility specific rules.

We would like to also remind Parents and Coaches that it is explicitly forbidden to address players of the “work team” at any match.  NERVA has a unique system (unlike any in the country) that allows every player to play on every tournament date.  This is an extraordinary benefit that other USAV regions simply do not offer.  As such, players from each team will perform the officiating for the matches.  Please DO NOT address line judges, up or down officials or anyone at the score keepers table directly.  We ask that you consider how you might feel if it were your son or daughter in this same situation.

If you have any concerns about work teams, they should first be addressed with the Tournament Director on site (EVERY tournament has a TD or Tournament Director) while also remembering that we expect good sportsmanship at all times when addressing anyone at a tournament.  Another option would be to bring it to the attention of the coach for your team (preferably in between sets or matches) and let them advocate on your behalf.

This is of paramount concern for our region.  Parents or coaches found to be speaking with, yelling at or otherwise exhibiting unsportsmanship-like behavior may be asked to leave the venue.  We are hopeful for your cooperation in this effort.  With your help, we will continue to provide a safe, fun and productive environment for all involved.

Thanks and have a great NERVA III,

Team New England

Mar 222017

Hello all,

The assignments are posted for NERVA II Here.

Remember all coaches should have Webpoint rosters and their ID’s in a lanyard.  Coaches, Parents and Players are reminded that Good Sportsmanship is expected at all tournaments and all levels.  All club level tournaments are self officiated by the players.  At no time should parents or opposing coaches address player-officials directly.

Results from NERVA I  for each age division can be found here.

Thanks and have a great tournament!

Team New England


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Dec 162016

Notice to alSnow-covered branchesl NERVA Boys’ Teams:

Due to the expected severe weather approaching New England, ALL NERVA Boy’s tournaments at ALL Locations for tomorrow, December 16. 2016 have been canceled.   

Please stay safe and warm throughout the storm.

Team New England

Membership Renewal

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Oct 182016

Hello New England,

6Here are the links to register or renew your membership with USA Volleyball.  Remember you must be registered with USAV to compete in any USAV event.   This includes practices, tournaments, play dates, clinics, tryouts and any other event held by member clubs.  If any participant is unregistered, there is no insurance coverage for any of the participants.   Coaches, Chaperones and Tournament Directors, you must submit and be cleared every two years to the USAV background check process.  Coaches must also complete the SafeSport certification and be IMPACT certified.

These links have also been provided to the right of this page in the “Quick Links” section.

Thanks and good luck to all at upcoming tryouts.

Team New England