May 012017

Hello New England!

As another successful season comes to a close we wish everyone good luck at next Sunday’s championship series.  The location assignments can be found here.  


Over the season NERVA has facilitated competition for  570 teams in 75 different facilities.  Essentially that amounts to 375 tournaments held this season.  THAT’S A LOT OF VOLLEYBALL!!!  Congratulations to all NERVA members for a great season!!  The only way this is accomplished is by the cooperative effort of all 74 clubs in our region and the camaraderie and sportsmanship offered by all 11,444 members!  We would be remiss not to mention family and friends of all of these members who come and support the players and coaches…  We estimate that this number totals well over 20,000 making our volleyball population in New England a whopping estimate of 31,444!!  

See all 30 thousand plus next year!

Team New England

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