Apr 022017

Hello New England,

The NERVA III Schedule is posted here.  Please remember this IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS, PLAYERS AND COACHES: The schedule, and any changes, should come directly from your club director or coach as they will have any last minute changes and details about formats, locations and facility specific rules.

We would like to also remind Parents and Coaches that it is explicitly forbidden to address players of the “work team” at any match.  NERVA has a unique system (unlike any in the country) that allows every player to play on every tournament date.  This is an extraordinary benefit that other USAV regions simply do not offer.  As such, players from each team will perform the officiating for the matches.  Please DO NOT address line judges, up or down officials or anyone at the score keepers table directly.  We ask that you consider how you might feel if it were your son or daughter in this same situation.

If you have any concerns about work teams, they should first be addressed with the Tournament Director on site (EVERY tournament has a TD or Tournament Director) while also remembering that we expect good sportsmanship at all times when addressing anyone at a tournament.  Another option would be to bring it to the attention of the coach for your team (preferably in between sets or matches) and let them advocate on your behalf.

This is of paramount concern for our region.  Parents or coaches found to be speaking with, yelling at or otherwise exhibiting unsportsmanship-like behavior may be asked to leave the venue.  We are hopeful for your cooperation in this effort.  With your help, we will continue to provide a safe, fun and productive environment for all involved.

Thanks and have a great NERVA III,

Team New England

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