2017 Open Qualifiers

1-30-2017 Update

Path and Info Sheet 2017 Qualifiers

To all Directors with teams competing in the Open Qualifiers.



  • Round 1 for the 18’s will begin on Friday evening at 6pm. Some will play at the Den in Windsor, some will be at the Mass Mutual Center.  Please check sportwrench.com for your assignments.
    • On Saturday, you may be relocated to the other facility so please check your schedule carefully.
    • The 18’s will begin in pools of six teams each. Two pools will play over three courts.  You may have work assignments on any court.
    • We did our best to avoid more than 2 back to back matches or work assignments but they may exist in some cases. Please prepare accordingly.
    • ALL 18’s will be at the MassMutual Center in Springfield on Sunday. 
  • The single Challenge matches on Sunday morning are for the 18’s to find the top two third-place teams. They are single 15 point sets.
  • Because of time and facility constraints there will be no play-ins for the 5th place teams. Top four will be decided from Match %, Set % and PR.
  • Round 2 will be 3-team pools in three divisions. We expect some teams to have their final match scheduled on Sunday at 1PM while the latest match would be scheduled at 4 PM for some others.


  • The 16’s begin Round 1 on Saturday Morning and finish on Saturday night and will be reseeded according to their finish.
  • ALL 16’s will be at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield beginning on Saturday morning at 8am and then it is a split between the two sites for Sunday in that division based on results from the first round.
  • Teams will know Saturday night (approximately by 6 pm) where they are going the next day.
  • The 16’s begin the second round on Sunday morning at 8:00 AM.
  • The latest match scheduled for 16’s on Sunday is 4:00 PM
  • There will be Pools with 5 teams and pools with 4 teams.


Some teams may be working 2 matches at the same time. It is a small percentage and it happens in the morning (8 and 9am match) and at the end of the day (4 pm match) for all 5 team pools. Those teams would not work another match in pool as that would be their two work assignments. Coaches may be part of the work team for those doing two matches at the same time. 2 lines, 1 down ref, 1 scorekeeper, 1 combination libero tracker and score flipper. If you will have less than 10 (players and coaches) and you are a team that is scheduled to work two matches at the same time please let the TD know upon your arrival in the morning (not when the match should start). Please check your work assignments carefully.


Other information.

  • Concessions will be available both at the Den and Mass Mutual Center. 
  • Outside Food: The Mass Mutual Center does not allow outside food or drink coolers.
  • Parking is free at the Den – See link below for parking at the MMC. Cost Varies by location.
  • Registration (Team Check-in and Onsite Wristband Pick-up for family members) will begin on Friday at 4:30pm and will be available on Saturday Morning before the first match.
    • Spectator Registration: There will be an admission fee for spectators.  Pre-sale will be $8/day or $15 for an event pass. On site rates are $10/day or $20 for the event pass.  Here is the link for pre-tournament bracelets: https://tickets.sportwrench.com/#/events/112115273
  • The schedule can be found here: www.SportWrench.com
    • Teams may be in the same pool as other teams from the same club. There will be no switching.
    • This is not a winnable tournament but rather a way to qualify teams for the Open division in New England and seed the first NERVA series tournament.
    • Re-Seeding between rounds will be as follows:
  • All first place teams will be seeded then 2nd place etc..
    • Match %, set %, PR%
  • Locations: The two locations are:
    • 30 Baker Hollow Ave, Windsor, CT (The Den)
    • 1277 Main St. Springfield Mass (Mass Mutual Center).
  • Trainers: There will be trainers at each site.   Players will be required to have their own tape and under-wrap for pre-existing conditions.  There will be tape available for any injuries that occur on site.


Team New England

End Update

Registration is on Sport Wrench.

  • NEW THIS YEAR: no surcharge for credit card payments.
  • This is NOT a Stay and Play event. We are requesting that teams book their hotel rooms through the THS in order to be accepted to the event.
  • Do not send in entry fee checks via mail that requires a signature. EVENT ONLY OPEN TO NERVA TEAMS!!!!

Event Dates:

  • Start Date: 02/03/2017
  • End Date: 02/05/2017

Event Location:
  • 1277 Main St. Springfield Mass (Mass Mutual Center).
  • 30 Baker Hollow Ave, Windsor, CT (The Den)
Registration Info:
  • Open Date: 09/30/2016
  • Close Date: 12/15/2016
  • Registration Fee:
  • Roster Deadline: 02/02/2017

Team Genders:
  • Female