About Us


About Clubs in the New England Region

The Juniors Division of New England Region Volleyball administers to over 70 Boys and Girls clubs throughout New England.  The New England region continues to grow each year with over 8,000 members, 600 teams and 500 tournament events each year.   NERVA Juniors has one of the most unique systems in the country (known as the reciprocal system) allowing every team to play on every tournament date.  We are not aware of any region that can accomplish this feat.


The Juniors Board of Directors is comprised of one member from each club (the Club Director or their delegate).  We meet twice a year in June and November to vote, set schedules, examine our growth and potential and determine our path for the coming seasons.  Day to day operations are handled by our Executive Committee (listed below) We are guided by the Juniors Operating Code in cooperation with the Governance Document (found on this website).

It is our goal to provide a quality experience for all members of the New England Region.  We welcome your comments and suggestions to help us improve this great sport!

The members of the Juniors Division government:

  • NERVA Juniors Commissioner: Roxann Link
  • NERVA Compliance and Education Officer: Pat Ryan
  • Girls Junior Division Coordinator: Mike McDonnell
  • Boys Junior Division Coordinator: Roxann Link
  • NERVA Secretary: Karla Mahoney
  • NERVA Treasurer: Doug Beach
  • Girl’s At Large Member: Al Mirable
  • Girl’s At Large Member: Jake Balfour