Tell me about Age Groups – or – Why is there a 14’s team in a 16’s tournament?


USA Volleyball has strict age requirements.  In fact, players who do not meet the age cut off for a particular age group are not eligible within the Webpoint system to be added to the roster (Webpoint rosters are required at all tournaments for entry).  Clubs will designate the “age level” for a team and populate the roster with age eligible players.  Teams (or players) may not play down in age level however they may choose to play up (i.e. a 14’s team may choose to play in the 16’s age group but a 16’s team may not play at the 14’s level).  

Once  a team competes at a higher age group, they must remain at that age group (or higher) for the season also known as the “play up – stay up” rule.    In New England we currently have 12’s (age groups are often referred to as “U-12” or “12 and Under” or as written: “twelves”), 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s and 18’s.   Age groups exist to the extent there is demand.   In other parts of the country there are levels as young as U-8.

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