What time do tournaments start and how long do they take?


Tournaments typically have an “Enter Time” (the time you can enter the facility) and a “Start Time” or “First Serve” (the time the first match begins).  Remember that a coaches meeting and warm-ups take place before the first serve.  A typical tournament has an Enter Time of 8:30am with First Serve at 9:00am.  It is up to the host club and their facility to set the times.  Therefore enter times may be earlier or later based on the clubs arrangement with their facility.  Special permission from the region is needed to begin a tournament before 8:00am and after 10:00am.  This is rare but does occur.

The typical run time for a tournament is 7-8 hours from First Serve to Last Serve (clubs are obligated to provide a minimum of 7.5 hours).  Typically Last Serve will include the two teams in the championship or last match and a third team working the match.  Very typically, teams who are “done playing for the day” usually have a work assignment before they leave the facility.  All teams should check with and be released by the Tournament Director before leaving for the day.  

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