Results Reporting


Instructions and Tips (link to entry form below instructions)

Fill out the top part of the form (all mandatory fields)

  • Tournament date
  • Your Name (name of the person entering the results)
  • Your phone number
  • Your Email Address
  • Facility
  • Host Club
  • Tournament Director
  • Tournament Directors phone number
  • Playing Level (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.
  • Age Group of Tournament (18, 17, 16, etc.)

 Results Section

  1. Once you choose the “Age Group of Tournament“, the form will present you with dialogue specific to the age group of the tournament and let you enter the results for the first team (the winner of the tournament).  
  2. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE TEAM NAME BLANK (see # 4 below): Select the Team Name from the “Choose Team” drop down then “Wins”, “Losses” ( set wins and losses IN POOL PLAY ONLY; do not include playoffs) and then the “Final Finish” in Tournament (1, 2, 3t, etc.). 
  3. Once all information is entered for the first team select “Add next team” and repeat for all the teams in the tournament.
  4. If for some reason the team is not in the list, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM and there will be a choice to add the team manually (“Other”).

 PLEASE NOTE: Enter teams in order of Tournament Finish for example:

  • First Place: “Winner of the Tournament” (tournament champion)
  • Second Place: “Second Place – Runner up” (tournament runner up)
  • “Third or Tied for 3rd” – Usually a Semifinalist
  • and so on so the order will be like this for a typical 8 team tournament with a consolation bracket: (1, 2, 3t, 3t, 5, 6, 7t, 7t) 

 Finally in the Comments Section:

Please enter any information that may help us to understand the tournament better (parent issues, officials, run time, issues with work teams, significant injuries, scores/results in play in matches, etc.)

Notes to help speed up entry. The lists are sorted alphabetically in the  “Choose Team Name” “Facility” and “Host Club”  and can be quite lengthy.   Here is an example that may help speed up the process: 

  • Click on any dropdown field such as “Host_Club” and type the “G” on your keyboard
    • The form will “jump” to the first club alphabetically that starts with “G”
    • If you keep typing ”G” (or hold it down) you will scroll through all the Clubs that begin with “G”.
  • Same for fields such as “Choose Team“, “Facility“, etc.