Starting a New Club



The first step… is contacting the New England Junior Regional Commissioner, Roxann Link.

The following provides information on starting a new club in the New England Region (NERVA) of USAV.

Who can start a club?

Anyone may start a club. It is not difficult but will require a bit of organizational and administrative skill.

The primary components of a club are:

Players – Most teams are 10 players which allows for unexpected events along with    rotational  balance. 8 is the recommended minimum number of players for a team.

Coaches – A coach must be 18 or older, member of USAV , background checked though USAV every 2 years and IMPACT certified.

Club Director – The person who will run the club and be responsible for all the administrative duties of registering the club members with the NERVA region.  The Director will also represent the club at NERVA Juniors Board of Directors meeting in June and November.

Practice and Tournament Facilities – Clubs are responsible for all costs of facilities. All girls’ tournaments are reciprocal meaning;  For every group of 4 teams in your club you must supply 1 court on all NERVA tournament dates (including championships).


  • 1-4 teams = 1 court available for each tournament date
  • 5-8 teams = 2 courts available for each tournament date
  • 9-12 teams = 3 courts available for each tournament date.
  • Etc.

Clubs are responsible for all tournament and facility costs at their location.

First Steps:

Once a decision is made to start a club, take time to organize the following information

  • Club Name (this must be approved by NERVA Jr. Commissioner)
  • Initial budget and cost to players
  • Number of teams you will support
  • Find practice and tournament sites
  • Club philosophy (optional but recommended)
  • Read NERVA Jr. Operating Code
  • Contact the Girl’s and/or Boy’s Jr. Coordinator
  • Provide contact information for posting on the NERVA club listing page.

For Detailed Information, Please read So you started a new club – now what.